healthy eating lesson plans
24 week program
Preschool Nutrition Program
Price: $389.95
nutrition education for kids
LANA Garden Heroes are
adorable plush fruit and...
Price: $34.95
toys promote good eating habits
Fruit & Veggies Toys
Collect them all!...
Price: $49.95
working with preschoolers on healthy eating
Introduces young children
to healthy fruits & vegetables...
Price: $99.95

About Us

Garden Heroes plush toys are whimsical friends that kids love to cuddle. Children learn to identify and favor healthy fruits and vegetables.
The results are in! Children who learn through fun nutrition activities are more likely to eat fruits & veggies. Garden Heroes makes it easy to teach them about healthy eating and nutritious choices.
Our mission at Learning ZoneXpress is to support your nutrition education efforts with innovative and meaningful teaching tools to reduce childhood obesity and increase healthy eating.


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“In my kindergarten class, we use the Garden Heroes for a variety of  nutrition activities – each child has their own cuddly toy to play with. They are learning the names and shapes of  foods that are good for them.”
–Sally Green, Kindergarten Teacher

“I think Garden Heroes are a  great way to introduce healthy foods to children. They are colorful, soft characters that kids really relate to!
–Seth Lundin, Parent


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